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Support Your Members

At a time when more and more eCommerce is leaving the local economy, it is now more important than ever for the local Chambers of Commerce to do everything in their power to encourage buying local. Supporting both your local merchants in websites like Every.CITY, along with the 19 additional Specialty websites goes a long way to encourage success.

Support Yourself

Through your administration dashboard, you will be able to very quickly and easily notate which businesses and organizations in the Business Directory belong to your Chamber so the system can add your Chamber logo next to their business name. Having your logo displayed in the Business Directory will provide reminders to everyone about your Chamber and will subtly remind Non-Members they may want to join so they too can display your logo.

Participate in the Local Master Event Calendar

By including your Events in the local Master Event Calendar, you may have better attendance at your events, and you will also be reminding the rest of the business community the valuable assistance your Chamber is providing.

Participate in the Advertising Program

We will be providing you with an incredible opportunity to use our advertising program. By participating with us in this effort, you will be able to post your selected ads on the Home Pages of Every.CITY, along with the Home Pages of the 19 additional Specialty Websites. You can sell the ads and keep the revenue generated by the sales, or you can use the ads as an enticement for new members to join. Or your Chamber can use the ads to promote member businesses that have won an award or significantly contributed to meeting your Chamber goals. For example, a new cafe joins your Chamber -- you can provide them with an ad on the Home Page of EveryCity.RESTAURANT for 3 months. Or you could sell the ad to member businesses for $400 and keep the entire $400. To benefit from the Advertising Program, you will need to provide us with an Excel spreadsheet of your member list. (As with most Chambers, you probably already sell this list on a CD.) We then provide you with one Home Page Ad for each 100 members included in your spreadsheet. The Home Page Ad can be used on any of our 20 websites (Every.CITY plus 19 Specialty Websites), but only one of the ads can be used on the primary Every.CITY website.

Support Your Cities and Counties You Serve

We are also providing a phenomenal package to local businesses and organizations, which if you check their benefits, we are sure you will agree. And even if you help a non-member business in your area, in most cases, it will also help your member-businesses.

The Best For Last

The best part of this package is it is completely free. No need to pay upfront costs, monthly support fees, commissions, transaction fees, commissions, or any other costs. You will be helping your community grow, your businesses and organizations better communicate with your local residents, and most importantly, you will be providing a fully engaging website for your community. All you need to do is Sign Up, and once we make a quick verification call, you will have full administrative access to begin managing all your information.

Join Now -- It's FREE